Swift Fine Foods Ltd Officially joins the BFFF

The British Frozen Food Federation was established to promote & protect the frozen food sector and is made up of members from wholesale, retail, import & export and a wide range of producers.

It facilitates exchanges among participants in this market and initiates promotional campaigns aimed at the public.

The frozen food sector’s potential is huge : “The frozen food market in Great Britain today totals £8 billion 8.5 billion €) and is growing at a 6.3% annual rate ”, BFFF Chairman Brian Young said, quoting recent figures from TNS Worldpanel (Quick Frozen Foods International, October 2016).

Eddie Warke of Swift Fine Foods says Freezing is still one of the simplest ways to keep food fresh and free from preservatives, and the industry has done a great job portraying this to the public.

Swift fine Foods are working with companies in Europe and having a frozen retail and food service product makes transport and shelf life in Europe more workable.

Eddie Warke National Accounts Manager at Swift Fine foods was delighted to be invited be a member of BFFF and stated such important growth is driving innovation and new product development in an unprecedented manner, giving birth to a new generation of premium frozen products.